Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slow-starting Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee searches for hitting stroke,0,7536921.story

When I first read this story, the very first thing that jumped out at me was the number of quotes involved. The writer did an amazing story of basically letting the story tell itself through the quotes of the player and coach themselves. The writer could have easily written these same things himself, but its much more believable and a better read to hear it from an authoritative source.

The writer also did a good job of setting up these quotes with facts and statistics, lending the quotes more credibility and giving the reader some context for what is being talked about.

One thing the article doesn't do is analyze the situation at all. It talks about the fact that Derrek Lee hasn't hit well this spring after an equally bad second half last year, but it doesn't talk at all about reasons for this. They don't have any sort of quote from Derrek Lee, Lou Piniella, or any other coach as to why he may be struggling right now. That might have been something that could have added a lot to the article. Maybe they could have mentioned something that changed in his swing, but that he is working on fixing in spring. This would be the "Why?" of the article, but isn't discussed.

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  1. Lee talks, but not about what you want to hear?
    I'm imagining this as a video story. The many quotes would be the actual voices talking over video of the batting. Then you could analyze the swings yourself. That would be interesting.