Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25

I am covering the Major League Baseball beat in the Chicago Tribune. I have been reading the stories over the last few days, and have really enjoyed them. The writing is very good and engaging, and keeps me reading the story until the end. They are also very informative and have lots of good information. The Tribune also does a very good job of covering the major story lines for each team. With Spring Training just beginning, there is lots going on with each team, and there has been good coverage of these events so far.

With two professional baseball teams in Chicago, the baseball coverage must be split. Recently, the stories on the White Sox seem to be more in depth and more informative. However, it is probably too early to call this a bias. It more than likely is just a simple fact that there is more going on with the White Sox than the Cubs at this point in time. It is something to keep an eye on though should the trend continue.


  1. Hey Joe!
    So thats cool that you are keeping your eyes peeled for biases...i'll be interested to see if the trib supports one team more than the other. Any specific articles that grabbed your attention? I'd like to hear more about how they construct their articles, since I don't know much about sports writing.

  2. The Tribune Company, the parent company of the Chicago Tribune, owns the Cubs as of right now (they are working on selling the team). Therefore, many people often claim that there is a bias. I was hoping to examine whether that was true or not during this assignment.

    Since actual games just started in the last couple days, most of the stories have just been feature stories so far. But now there should be more "hard news" stories now that games are actually being played. I'll try and explain some more about the layout and other things in the next post.